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Caterpillar provides a range of services to help one develop mobile apps by leveraging Caterpillar connected Assets/Telemetry data. You can get started quickly, ensure high quality by testing on real devices in the cloud, and measure and improve user engagement.

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Explore the wide collection of applications and tools to support Caterpillar equipment and processes. Applications provide out-of-the-box solutions for common business problems to help our customers avoid duplicate development and reduces integration costs.

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Mantrac Group
Zeppelin Lab GmbH
Caterpillar Inc.


Whether you're developing a custom solution or building for the Application marketplace, our portal provides the APIs and reusable components to support you.

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Caterpillar is pleased to announce the release of the new ISO 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) API for dealer and

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Find detailed information about our applications, APIs, and developer tools using the articles, FAQs, and documents in our Knowledge Hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cat® Digital Marketplace?
  • The Cat Digital Marketplace is an online hub that provides users with a single location for accessing digital solutions and documentation to develop, subscribe and/or consume applications more efficiently and effectively.
Why did Caterpillar develop the Digital Marketplace?
  • To make it easier to locate and access the complete portfolio of Caterpillar digital offerings, acting as the trusted source of applications for users as well as tools and resources for developers. The DMP was created to provide a single location for Caterpillar, dealers and customers to access resources in a consistent and organized manner.
What information is in the Digital Marketplace?
  • The Digital Marketplace consists of 5 core capabilities: Applications Catalog, API Catalog, Reusable Components, Knowledge Hub (FAQs, articles, blogs), and API usage tracking.
  • The Digital Marketplace is launching in phases, with the Applications Catalog, Application Development Guidelines, and API Catalog already in production.
  • The Knowledge Hub and API Usage Tracking and additional reusable components will launch in late 2021.