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In the Knowledge Hub, you will find useful information to aid in selecting the appropriate product for your use case. As well, the information shared here will help you adopt the API by providing detailed technical specifications as well as support contacts.

API ProductsAccount ManagementAftermarket Prioritized Service Events UniteAPI Management Enterprise Cat Com DevelopmentAPI Management Enterprise Cat Com DevelopmentAPI Usage MetricsApigee Cache InvalidationApigee Cache InvalidationAsset ConfigurationsAuthorization Management SystemAuthorizations Management System (External)Basic DailyBDTCat Calculator Web - Partner APICat Calculator Web - Quick EstimatorCat Diagnostic ServicesCat Digital - Restricted AssetsCat Digital Retail Mobile API ServiceCat Foresight RecommendationCat InspectCat InspectCat InteractCAT QRCat Wear Management SystemCat Wear Management System Used InspectcatDiagnosticServices-DevelopmentcatUsed-Development-CICDCCDS Asset StructuresCCDS Dealer Action ItemsCCDS Device Reg TeamCCDS Devices and ECMsCCDS GroupsCCDS Groups v2CCDS SubscriptionsCDandT ExplorationCDID - AgreementCDID - CustomerCDID - Dealer HierarchyCDID-DevelopmentCore TelematicsCRMI CasesCRMI ECRM Accounts and OpportunitiesCRMI FilesCUPA Used Equipment Valuations and PredictionsCurrency Exchange RatesCustomer Value Agreements (CVAs)Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) - OnboardingDealer ERP Customer MasterDealer Location Management ServicesDealer Location ServicesDealer Service Portal BillingDealer Service Portal BillingDealer Service Portal SubscriptionsDealer Service Portal User RolesDomestic TransportationDSP-DevelopmentDSP-Developmente Commerce DealerIntegrationseCommerce - PaymentseCommerce CustomerseCommerce Parts AvailabilityeCommerce User AffiliationseCommerce User Management v1Equipment Processing Center Work OrdersEquipment Service HistoryFinance CVAFleet Assessment ServicesFPD POS - InternalFPD POS Cat CardFPD POS Cat CreditsFPD-DevelopmentFPD-POS-Development-CICDHeliosHeliosHelios - User ProfilesHelios APIs for ChinaHelios Customer MasterHelios Dealer Customer InformationHelios Dealers ECM ReportsHelios ECM ReportsHelios EquipmentHelios IngestionHelios InternalHelios InternalHelios IoT Gateway Asset Device ProvisioningHelios IoT Gateway CarriersHelios IoT Gateway CommandsHelios IoT Gateway Config FilesHelios IoT Gateway ConfigsHelios IoT Gateway Device Comm TestingHelios IoT Gateway Device MigrationHelios IoT Gateway FOTAHelios IoT Gateway HomingHelios IoT Gateway IngestionHelios IoT Gateway Passthrough ConfigsHelios IoT Gateway StreamingHelios IoT Gateway SubscriptionsHelios IoT Gateway Supplier ProvisioningHelios IoT Gateway System FlashHelios IoT Gateway Testing-CICDHelios IoT Gateway TransactionsHelios IoT Gateway VIMS SFTP User OnboardingHelios Platform ContributorsIAM - B2C ServicesIAM-Development-CICDIAM-v1 - Customers - Full AccessIAM-v1 - Customers - Read OnlyIAM-v1 - Users & Groups - Full AccessIAM-v1 - Users & Groups - Read OnlyIdentifier ManagementISO 15143 API - High Quota ProductISO 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) Sailing ScheduleOcean Sailing ScheduleOEM Machine DataONE Configuration FeedOneHarvesterOther APIsParts Visibility Order - Address - - - Cart - - - Dealers - - Equipment - Equipment List - - - Order Tracking - - - - Shopping - User RegistrationPartStore-Development-CICDPlanned MaintenancePlanned Maintenance - InternalPlanned Maintenance DevelopmentPMM Helios FacadePrime Product+ Sales Lead API (PP+ Lead API)Product Link Config Tool Signing V1Product Link Config Tool Stand Alone V4Productivity Site ManagementRaw VIMS FilesRegistration ServiceRemote ServiceSCIMSCIM DealersSCIM GroupsSCIM UsersSecondary Dealer InfoService Option Collaborator Web ServicesService Option Collaborator Web ServicesService Tool Product InterfaceSIMSi IntegrationSIS2 AsShipped BOMSIS2 Content GraphicsSIS2 Content IESIS2 DevelopmentSIS2 Graphics LocationSIS2 Media BundlesSIS2 Media StructureSIS2 Part Where UsedSIS2 Parts CompatibilitySIS2 Parts ConsistsSIS2 Product ConfigurationSIS2 Product FamiliesSIS2 Product Structure PartsSIS2 Profile PermissionsSIS2 Related PartsSIS2 SearchSIS2 Service MediaSIS2 User ProfilesSIS2 User RegistrationSiteSolutionsSolar Digital Connected FleetSolar Digital InSight Machine DataSolar Digital Insight Machine Data-Development-CICDSolar Digital Insight Machine Data-Development-CICDSolar Turbines Lube Oil Measurement SampleSolar Turbines Lube Oil Measurement SampleSolarDigital-Development-CICDSolarDigital-Development-CICDSOS Testing-CICDSupplier DevicesSupplier DevicesTelematics ContinuityTelemetryVimsVIMS Transmitter APIVisionLink
APIsAccount ManagementAccuWeatherAction ItemsAftermarket Prioritized Service Event APIAftermarket Prioritized Service Event Unite APIAPI Usage MetricsApplication LoggingApplication SubscriptionsAsset Component Template ManagementAsset ComponentsAsset ConfigurationsAsset ConfigurationsAsset Details HistoryAsset Device ConfigurationAsset Entitlements ManagementAsset Fence HistoryAsset IconAsset IntegratorAsset MetadataAsset Operation HistoryAsset Operation History v2Asset OperationsAsset StructureAsset StructuresAsset SummaryAsset, Device and Battery Status HistoryAssetsAssets V2Authorizations Management System - AgreementsAuthorizations Management System - AuthorizationsAuthorizations Management System - ConsentsBasic Daily - Diagnostic - V6Basic Daily - Fuel - V5Basic Daily - SMULOC - V6BDT OperatorBDT ProductBlock Data Transfer - v2Cache ControllerCache ControllerCalculator Web - Partner APICarrier Management Communication LayerCat Credits POS - CommerceCAT Diagnostic - ModelsCAT Diagnostic ServicesCat Digital Support - CasesCat eCommerce Address ValidationCat eCommerce AuthenticationCat eCommerce CategoriesCat eCommerce Categories v2Cat eCommerce Dealer ManagementCat eCommerce Equipment CatalogCat eCommerce Equipment ListCat eCommerce Equipment List V2Cat eCommerce GeographicCat eCommerce LocationsCat eCommerce Marketing Data InformationCat eCommerce Me (Current User Information) V2Cat eCommerce Me API (Current User Information)Cat eCommerce Order InformationCat eCommerce Order Management v2Cat eCommerce Product SearchCat eCommerce Product Search V2Cat eCommerce ProductsCat eCommerce Products V2Cat eCommerce Quote OrdersCat eCommerce Shopping CartCat eCommerce Shopping Cart v2Cat eCommerce Shopping ListCat eCommerce User RegistrationCat eCommerce User Registration V2Cat InspectCat InspectCat Interact Dealer IntegrationCAT OS AssetsCAT OS CPMListCat OS FilesCAT OS SafetyCAT OS SitesCat Planned Maintenance AssetsCat Planned Maintenance IntervalCat Planned Maintenance OccurrenceCat Planned Maintenance ReportsCat Wear Management System Cat Used APICat Wear Management System Partner APICatchall-v1Caterpillar Directory Services SCIM DealersCaterpillar Directory Services SCIM GroupsCaterpillar Directory Services SCIM UsersCaterpillar Financial - CVACatUsed Inspection ReportCDID Customer AgreementsChannel ConfigurationsChannel MetadataChannelsClient Entitlements ManagementCommand SnapshotCommercial OffersCondition Monitoring - Asset Level TemplatesCondition Monitoring - Templates Provisioning & Analytics Metadata v2Condition Monitoring Asset EnrollmentCondition Monitoring V2Condition Monitoring V2Condition Monitoring V3Config CapabilityConfiguration FilesConfiguration Files LibraryConfiguration Files LibraryCountriesCumulativesCUPA Used Equipment Valuations and PredictionsCurrency ExchangeCustomer Asset AuthorizationCustomer Asset WorkflowCustomer Data QualityCustomer DetailsCustomer MasterCustomer Value AgreementsCustomer Value AgreementsCustomer Value Agreements v2CyclesDealer ActionsDealer Currency ConverterDealer Customer AssetsDealer Customer LookupDealer DetailsDealer ECM Reports V1Dealer ERP Customer MasterDealer HierarchyDealer HierarchyDealer Locations Management v2Dealer Locations Management v3Dealer Locator v2Dealer Locator v3Dealer ManagementDealer Service RequestsDevice CapabilitiesDevice CommandsDevice Configuration AuditDevice ConfigurationsDevice MigrationDevice RadiosDevice Wakeups and Connectivity Checks v2DevicesDevicesDiagnostic Services - EventsDiagnostic Services - ParagraphsDiagnostic Services - ProceduresDiagnostic Services - ReportsDiagnostic Services - Service InformationsDiagnostic Services - TablesDiagnostic Services BundlesDiagnostic Services Bundles - v2Disable Fault Code ConfigurationsDSP Users v1.E-Customer RegistrationsECM Reports V2eCommerce - CustomerseCommerce - Dealer SettingseCommerce - User Affiliations v1eCommerce Dealer IntegrationseCommerce UCID Management v1eCommerce User Management v1Electronic TechnicianEnterprise Quick EstimatorEntitlement Catalog ManagementEntitlement Data Domain ManagementEntitlement Role ManagementEntitlement Service CatalogEntitlementsEntitlementsEntry-Exit Events HistoryEquipment Processing Center Work OrdersExport Compliance v1External Application User ProvisioningExternal Application User ProvisioningFault Code DescriptionsFault CodesFault CodesFaults HistoryFile APIFile Type ConfigurationFiltersFinance Call Center TwilioFlash CommandsFlash LogFleet Assessments ServicesFleet Management GraphQLFluids HistoryForesight Dealer AppFuel LevelsFuelsGeo-Fence ConfigurationsGeo-fencesGeocodingGlobal Search v2Global Search v3GroupsGroupsGroupsGTOC - Domestic TransportationHistogramsHomingIdentifier ManagementIdentity Access Management (IAM) - B2CIdentity Access Management (IAM) - IdentitiesIngestionInSight Machine DataInSight Machine DataInspections HistoryInstances V2Integration of Second Level Dealer(SLD) to Customer & Dealer Indicative Data(CDID) systemInvalidate CacheInvalidate CacheIOT Asset APIsIOT AssetsIOT Harvester AssetsISO15143 (AEMP 2.0)Last Message TransmissionLead Management V2LoadsLocationsLocationsLocator CommandsMaintenance Mode ConfigurationsManufacturer MetadataMass FOTA (Flash Over The Air) Campaign File SubmissionMaterialsMessage ParserMessages & Files IngestionMeter Value ConfigurationMy Used Fleet Equipment ValuationsMyUsed Equipment Data Feed v2MyUsed Equipment Import v2MyUsed Inspections v2NextGen ISO15143 (AEMP 2.0)NotesNotification SubscriptionsNotification Subscriptions v2Notification Subscriptions v3Ocean TransportationOcean TransportationOneHarvesterOrg PreferencesOrganizations V2Original Equipment ManufacturerParts Visibility Order Info Transportation ServiceParts.Cat.Com - Cart – Order Tracking v3Partstore - Parts AvailabilityPayloadsPayment Processor IntegrationPing CommandsPing Config APIPipeline Metadata and Executions for PLM Application UIPlanned MaintenancePlanned Maintenance AssetsPlanned Maintenance Assets V4Planned Maintenance IntervalPlanned Maintenance Interval V4Planned Maintenance OccurrencePlanned Maintenance Occurrence V4Planned Maintenance Outage NotificationPlanned Maintenance ReportsPlanned Maintenance Status Flag V4Preferred Network and OTASPProduct Link Config SyncProduct Link Config Tool File SignProductivity OperatorsProductivity Site ManagementProductivity UtilizationProfile IntegrationProfiles ManagementProxy Template Echo ExampleProxy Template Echo ExampleQR Code - AssociationsQR Code - AssociationsQR Code AssociationsQRP Work OrderRadiosRaw VIMS FilesRDE Dealer Sales ModelsReboot CommandsRecommendationsRecommendations V2Registration Catalog ManagementRemote FlashRemote Service - Flash Capability APIRemote Service - Troubleshoot Capability APIReport CommunicationsReport DownloadsReportsRestricted AssetsRetail Digital IntegrationRetail Digital Integration V2Role ManagementSaber RekeySafety LettersSegmentsService HistoryService Meter ReadingsService Meter ReadingsSessions ManagementSessions ManagementShared AssetsShopping Cart History ServiceShort CommandsShort Message Request ConfigurationsShort URLSIMSi IntegrationSIS2 - Search for Parts and Services.SIS2.0 - Lists details on Media - InformationType, Sections and IEs.SIS2.0 - Parts And Services - AsShipped Invoice.SIS2.0 - Parts And Services - Graphics Content.SIS2.0 - Parts And Services - Graphics Locations.SIS2.0 - Parts And Services - IE Content AttributeSIS2.0 - Parts And Services - MediaBundle.SIS2.0 - Parts And Services - PartIEConsistSIS2.0 - Parts And Services - PartWhereUsedSIS2.0 - Parts And Services - ProductFamily.SIS2.0 - Parts And Services - Profile Permissions.SIS2.0 - Parts And Services - Related PartsSIS2.0 - Parts And Services - Service IE where usedSIS2.0 - Parts And Services - TechDoc IE ContentSIS2.0 - Parts And Services - User Profile.SIS2.0 - Parts Compatibility.SIS2.0 - Product Configuration.SIS2.0 - productstructure - parts and outline.SIS2.0 - Service MediasSIS2.0 - User RegistrationSitesSOC Web ServicesSOC Web ServicesSolar Digital Connected Fleet APISolar Digital Connected Fleet APISolar Turbines Lube Oil Measurement SampleSolar Turbines Lube Oil Measurement SampleSOS 2.0 Alert LevelsSOS 2.0 Analysis Method ManagementSOS 2.0 Business Rules ManagementSOS 2.0 Coolant Type ManagementSOS 2.0 Dealer Company ManagementSOS 2.0 Dynamic LookupsSOS 2.0 Fluid Brand Type Grade ManagementSOS 2.0 Fuel Type ManagementSOS 2.0 Interpretation Category ManagementSOS 2.0 Interpretation Code ManagementSOS 2.0 Laboratory ManagementSOS 2.0 Limit ManagementSOS 2.0 LIMS Analysis and Components ManagementSOS 2.0 LIMS Analysis ManagementSOS 2.0 LIMS Components ManagementSOS 2.0 LIMS Location ManagementSOS 2.0 LIMS Role ManagementSOS 2.0 LIMS Samples ManagementSOS 2.0 LIMS User Account ManagementSOS 2.0 Sample Barcode ReservationSOS 2.0 Sample InterpretationSOS 2.0 Sample RegistrationSOS 2.0 Sample Status SummarySOS 2.0 Sample Type Asset Component Type ManagementSOS 2.0 Sample TypesSOS 2.0 Sample UtilitiesSOS 2.0 Samples ManagementSOS 2.0 Sampling Point Type ManagementSOS 2.0 Test List ManagementSOS 2.0 User Account ManagementSOS 2.0 Wear Model ManagementStorageSubscription ConfigSubscription Configuration V2SubscriptionsSubscriptionsSupplier DevicesSupplier DevicesSupplier Track SensorsSupportSurface Management Design BoundarySurface Management Design InformationSurface Management Elevation TilesSurface Management FilesSurface Management Job Site Metadata MappingSurface Management Job Site MetricsSurface Management Job Site VolumeSurface Management Surface TilesSurface Management Tag File IngestionSwitch ConfigurationTask ManagementTelematics MetadataTelematics SubscriptionsTelemetry BillingTelemetry BillingTest Data ManagementTime SeriesTokensTrack WearsTransaction MetadataTransfer Override ConfigurationsTranslationsUsed Equipment Valuations and PredictionsUser ActivityUser Application DataUser Entered RecordsUser IdentityUser Identity ManagementUser ManagementUser ManagementUser OnboardingUser Preferences V2User Specified Device ConfigurationUtilizationUtilization HistoryVIMS Channel GroupsVIMS Channel ThresholdsVIMS EventsVIMS FilesVIMS HistogramVIMS MetadataVIMS SFTP UserVIMS TimeSeriesWarranty InformationWiFi Configuration
ISO 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) API Developer Guide ISO 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) API Developer Guide


ISO 15143-3 API provides general information for tracking assets, understanding their usage, and planning how to manage those assets.

ISO 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) API Welcome Packet – Get Started (English)
ISO 15143 AEMP2.0 Sales Sheet (Customer) – Spanish Latin
ISO 15143 AEMP2.0 Sales Sheet (Customer) – Portuguese
ISO 15143 AEMP2.0 Sales Sheet (Customer) – Japanese
ISO 15143 AEMP2.0 Sales Sheet (Customer) – German
ISO 15143 AEMP2.0 Sales Sheet (Customer) – French
ISO 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) Dealer One-Pager (English)
ISO 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) API Technology Sales Sheet (English)
ISO 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) API - Postman Collection

This document has collection of all ISO 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) API endpoints which can be imported to postman to access the API

 3rd Party API Integrations  Tool Is Available 3rd Party API Integrations Tool Is Available


ISO 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) API General Letter

The formal announcement for the launch of this API Product.