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Digital Marketplace FAQs

What is the Cat Digital Marketplace?

  • The Cat Digital Marketplace is an online hub that provides users with a single location for accessing digital solutions and documentation to develop, subscribe and/or consume applications more efficiently and effectively.

Why did Caterpillar develop the Digital Marketplace?

  • To make it easier to locate and access the complete portfolio of Caterpillar digital offerings, acting as the trusted source of applications for users as well as tools and resources for developers. The DMP was created to provide a single location for Caterpillar, dealers and customers to access resources in a consistent and organized manner.

What information is in the Digital Marketplace?

  • The Digital Marketplace consists of 5 core capabilities: Applications Catalog, API Catalog, Reusable Components, Knowledge Hub (FAQs, articles, blogs), and API usage tracking.
  • The Digital Marketplace is launching in phases, with the Applications Catalog, Application Development Guidelines, and API Catalog already in production. 
  • The Knowledge Hub and API Usage Tracking are continuing to be developed currently.

Can I download applications from the Digital Marketplace?​​​​​​

  • The Applications Catalog provides a single location to learn about both mobile apps as well as web-based applications, but does not allow direct downloads.  Links are provided to the appropriate app stores or websites to download or subscribe to software.

How is the API Catalog any different from the current Cat Developer Portal (dev.cat.com)?

  • The API offering in Digital Marketplace is sync'ed with our API manager where all APIs here meet a standard Open API Specification.  The Digital Marketplace has embedded the subscription Access Journey so consumers can request access in the Application

Who can access the Digital Marketplace?

  • The Digital Marketplace has been created to serve: a Public experience, Caterpillar Customers, Caterpillar Dealers and Caterpillar Employees.

Where do I go for Digital Marketplace support?

  • If you have questions or need help with any of the features within the Cat Digital Marketplace, please email [email protected].