Reusable Components


Blocks Design System

Blocks is Caterpillar’s centralized source for designing and developing modern and straightforward web applications.

Blocks is made up of our core design principles, guidelines and examples to approach design, a reusable component library in Figma, developed reusable components, and other resources to help you create better products for our users.

Our hope is that by using this system, we will help free you up to focus on the really big problems – the ones that keep our customers up at night and keep you inspired to come to work in the morning, not the small details and mundane tasks that tie up your day.


Atom Playground

Atom Playground is a showcase and reference app for reusable component consumers. UX team validates the components in the app against the specifications provided from ‘Blocks’ Design System for readiness for consuming developers.

Source Code / How To Get Started

Click the link below and access our Wiki and Knowledge Base to learn about how to consume these components, package details in Angular and other tech stacks, themeing and more.